Special Family message to Tony Catalano Chicago Missing. Anthony Catalano Chicago Missing, See Anthony Catalano blog for communication, Missing person's Outreach for Anthony R Catalano JR,The Barzone US Entertainment Magazine. A unidentified man woders away Horse Shoe Inn Murder connection from his condo. Elmwood Park missing persons. A young man is beaten up in the Elmwood Park area named Mike De Filippis JR Advertising ad space availble The Little italy area. Chops Shops and the Chicago Outfit connection to Anthony Catalano's Disapearance. Joe Messino, comenter on American Post, Joe Fosco. Anthony Catalano is still missing from Elmwood Park, 2011. Chicago missing person 2011. Tony Catalano's murdered may have a stalky built and is italalian, age 32 and has a Crew, says Psychic Cindy Mintz.Other Psychics say that Tony's Catalano's killer my be named James or Joe.Nick Rada Joe Messino Joe Fosco American News Post Chicago Police Department leads for Missing person Anthony R Catalano Tuscono's Rivers Casino Micheal Defillipis Jr murder case Des Plaines Police Department Elmwood Park murder case 3 Olives Lounge drugs down Cumberland 8747 Bryn Mawr missing person case of Anthony R Catalano Cafe Zulutes Rosemont Trucking related crimes local Noridge drug dealer crimes kidnapped and missing person Higgins and Cumberland Tony Bernard Show Vito Zato The Moods Band suspect on the Anthony Catalano missing person case Nick Rada Michael Defillipis Jr Murder Elmwood Park Mafia John Difronzo Joe Fosco American News Post Dr Joeseph Giachino Pain killer doctor from Melrose Park Dr Giachino loses his license The Don Msbarzone The Barzone Dr Paul Madison Drug Cartel street sales o Chicago Joe Messino Debunking Joe Fosco The Chicago Police Department leads on the Tony Catalano case. George Markopoulos Murder. The horse Shoe inn murders. Schiller Park woods. Joe messino Nick Rada, Dr Madison,dr Giachino, John Kass, The Chicago Outfit. Giachino's clinic In Riverside. George Markopoulos Wendy Bonder Anthony R Catalano was a regular at the Horse shoe inn Schiller woods Schiller Park police department Anthony catalano case reopened 3 murders in one place homicide Msbarzone Youtube Michael defillipis Jr murder case Dr Giachino Riverside "Chicago Outfit Ties That Were the closest Presence in Tony Catalano's life up Until Moments he Disappeared..!' High friends connected to the Missing person Anthony Catalano case Arnee Demonte Frank the Demonte Tony Demonte Ecstacy ring connected to the Tony Catalano disappearance case Meth ring close to Tony Catalano a missing person “Poker Game robbery may be part the Mike De Filippis Jr. Murder case.” Mike Jaber The Dirty Mike Jaber Boxer suspect Mike jabber get his poker Game robbed Mike jabber s Poker house get profiled by robbers sets up his own poker game thedirty.com the Dirty news on Mike Jaber boxer murder suspect thebarzonechicago

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Could the Editor have a Possible Description of Tony Catalano's Murderer..? See Story Below..!
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"The Chicago Barzone"
        Entertainment Magazine...! 
Does the Editor of This Magazine Know the Sound of the Killer's Voice? Has the Editor Heard and may be able to Identify the Murder Weapon?
Last summer a friend of mine recieved a series of mysterious phone calls..!

I believe these phone call threats were from the actual killer or killers..!

I was exrtemely shocked to hear the phone threat that came in as a series of at least eight calls on my friend's voice mail. This person is a Narcotic's unit agent's sister..!

The call came in as this..!

First; about 2 or 3 calls with the sound of an engine as in a garage. Next the sound of a truck door chimming..! May be a possible Tow Truck..!

Soon a man's voice age possibly 35 to 40. White..!
 The voice said; "Is that a part of your car?"
then a cough, cough..!
 Again and again with the sound of a pipe on metal or crow bar on metal slamming down each time..!

Could Tony Catalano's Body be Hidden in a Junk Yard Somewhere?
Are these mysterious phone calls from a "Chop Shop Ring?"
See new Story Below..!
Cindy Muntz a reknown Psychic with the police  department has given me a description of Tony Catalano's murderer as a guy stocky built, brown hair, Italian in his age 29, early thirties and is the leader of two other guys..!

She said that all three men were wearing hoodies. She further described them as dangerous and from this neighborhhod. She insisted that I was in grave danger and to stay away from anyone in this neighborhood..!

Infurther, she described Tony Catalano as being in a dark, cold place and was grabbed and thrown into a trunk of a large old car..!
A name given was a James or a Joe. I'd even suspect a used car dealership!

However; if Nick Rada turns out to be the actual suspect that CPD are now aware of, rest assured  then the murder weapon is a gun..! The hounds should sniff his basement..!
The Identity of the Mysterious 29 year old man in the Italian Flag Leather Jacket is Revealed as Nick Rada  Of Elmwood Park....!
Does Joe Fosco Really Have the Right to Keep Valuable Information From the Chicago Police Department?
News Exclusive..!
News Exclusive..!
Are There hiding places  For Tony Catalano's BODY TO BE FOUND?  You might want to Check Nick Rada's Yard!
"Is Nick Rada a Key Player in the Tony Catalano and Michael Defillipis Jr cases.?" Can there be a drug dealer involved? The Chicago Police Department refer to Rada as "A fish out of Water!"
Next Issue "An Interview With the Don!"
Anthony R. Catalano
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Coming soon! Can a local drug dealer be involved in the Michael Defillipis  Jr murder and the disapearance of Tony Catalano?" Evidence has been found that can spell out that it may be true?
Why is Nick Rada seen holding family members and grandchildren and have friends under the name Johnny Difronzo?" Next Issue Exclusive!
See "Ms Barzone" on Youtube..!
New Youtube. On "What Happened the Final 30 Minutes before Tony Catalano disapeared?" What are friends coming forward to speak out and say.
News on what Tony was doing up 30 minutes before he disappeared! See New Story on Youtube!
"What Happened to Anthony Catalano as Close as 30 minutes Before he Became a Missing Person? Who was he Supposta have a Lunch Date With The Day Tony Disappeared?"
New Exclusive story on Youtube!
Canada $7.95 USA $6.95
Until he was last heard from ever again!
"The Kill Pill Doctor" by The Barzone
Dr. "Million Pills"
According to The "Chicago Tribune"
                 "John Kass!"
Was it a "Hit" or a "Crime of Opportunity?" See the striking similarities on both cases on Youtube! See Ms Barzone..!
"Fatal Prescription Overdose at the Madison, Giachino,Demorrest Melrose Park Clinic..!"
Dr Giachino has now been witnessed propositioning young men in his Riverside Clinic on Burlington Rd. Is it possible that Nick Rada was propositioned also, just like "Mikey Defoe" Defillipis Jr was by the dirty doctor?
Colombian Drug Smugglers? 
The Schiller Woods surround Tony's favorite hangout "The Horse Shoe inn," where 2 murders ocurred!
Is Dr. "Mill Pills" propositioned Chicago street Gangs?
Is Dr Giachino propositioning Street kids? (From Gangs) Could Nick Rada be one of those Street kids?
"The Horseshoe Inn" 
was a Home Away from Home For Many People A Neighborhood bar 
My Father "Gorgeous George" Markopoulos Ran the Bar He Also Lived In
Was Murdered Along with Wendy Bonder In January of 2011 

The Horse Shoe Inn  Murders!
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 We are on archives and on Itunes..!
Could Tony's body be in the Schiller Woods? These haven't been searched?
"Black Angelo" Speaks out on "Interview With the Don!!!"
"Chicago Outfit Ties That Were the closest Presence in Tony Catalano's life up Until Moments he Disappeared..!'
Joe Fosco on Caputo's
We are encouraging more of Tony Catalano's high school friends to come forward! Tell us more about what you know about Mike Bertucci!
"Happy Birthday To You Tony Catalano 2015!!!"
Happy Father's Day Tony, from your father..! We love you..!